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Termite Control Services based in the Big Bear City, CA area.

C & D Termite & Pest Control offers affordable and effective termite and rodent control for residential and commercial properties.

Termite Control

Termites are a very bad problem. Why? You don't see them. Termites are in the ground or in the wood, but they're not on the surface. Your home or business is one of your greatest financial investments, and you want to protect its foundation and structure from destructive invasion.

Don't wait until you see evidence of termite infiltration. Because termites generally gain access to your home from cracks and crevices where the house meets the foundation, early detection requires the skills of a trained termite inspector. Our certified termite inspectors can detect the presence of termite colonies before they have a chance to harm your building, or even become visible to you.
Termite Control — Pest Control in Big Bear City, CA
Moisture may be the number one draw for termites. Be proactive. Install new gutters or be sure existing ones are working properly. Minimize the use of mulch. When you apply mulch next to your house, you create a moisture footprint next to your foundation that could potentially attract termites. Don't store unused wood, lumber, or firewood on the ground anywhere near your house. Also, be sure water flows away from your structure with sufficient drainage.

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